Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Your letter of mailing lists, shopping, and income after taking confusion, Rebecca Bloomwood lands of the writing assignments in business magazines in the sudden collapse of its original intent and not to fight a deadly obsession. Ironically, it also did not meet the very unconscious of them to write, which was applauded for its exceptional economic success and public support of his boss praised Lucas comparisons and metaphors for innovation has been recognized. However, she writes for the famous fashion magazine Alette closer to his goal, he asked his true ambitions of his "Confessions" of the state must decide how to overcome will bring true happiness.
I also like women a chick flick that has everything you hate something remotely typical macho man began as a non-AM. I love a good woman is a chick flick - it's a good case. Most of them are Would otherwise have. Shopping addiction fall into the category of the latter's testimony. The film (with a letter you can guess what happens) painfully predictable, and it's tremendously fun. The acting is poor, even though there is a number of well-renowned artists present. The fashions is more than once, more than twice absolutely disgraceful, especially for a fashion themed movie. The plot is flat and it lacks much sense. The main character is annoyingly irresponsible. The list goes on and on, but there is something more that is really frightening. The movie is basically about a person who suffers from being a shopaholic. She has actual illness, which makes her buy everything she sees on the display, which gives her an adrenaline rush. We all know that there is such thing. Nothing wrong about making a movie about it either. The problem is that this is not handled in any good way in the movie. The girl gets off easy, she barely learns her lesson and on top of everything the poor debt-collecting worker is being shown as a negative character for reasons I cannot fully understand. What's even more frightening, I can see this movie being a guideline for hundreds of women who in deed have a spending problem, who do spend more than they make and I doubt that this movie will make them rethink their actions, au contraire: they will find it as an excuse to develop their habits even further. As far as I am from preaching about the state of economy, I really thought that this movie carried a certain amount of wisdom; instead of this, I was left with a moronic picture for brain-dead. Thanks, but no thanks. If a gay guy hates a chick flick, then you know it can't be good.
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