Gone Baby Gone

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When Amanda McCready from 4 years away from his home and police made ​​little progress in solving this case, the aunt Beatrice McCready hired two private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angie Gennaro girl. The detective freely admit that they have little experience with such cases, but the family wants them for two reasons - not the police and they will know the hostile environment in which we all live. The case is ongoing, Kenzie and Gennaro face drug dealers, gangs and pedophiles. If you are ready to solve your case, they face a moral dilemma that could tear them apart.

I consider myself a movie buff and I live and grew up in Massachusetts. I must say that Ben Affleck is a great job in his directorial debut has. Cast his brother Casey, you'd think it's just favoritism or a brother a break. He has not an absolute perfect person for this role. Because they know they are the region one of the most authentic films I've ever seen made​​. It's not just a movie, or some people in Boston. I heard a woman if I wanted to go, it's exactly like saying The Departed. There is not much better, and it is, I loved The Departed. But it was flashy. The same can be said about how people would act. Not here. She looked like a pair of degenerates and decent people I see every day elämässäni.Nainen who plays the mother of the girl, I do not know who to see, but I met him about 1000 times.
As far as the story goes I'd never spoil it for you but it's complex, not confusing. There is a lot going on and it's so real. I don't know what's happened in this area but people have become so lousy. So lousy that if you're a good person you just don't know what can be done anymore. There seems to be no answer sometimes and this film is set in that world. If you have the brains and heart to try you don't even know what will come of it.
Who should see this? Intelligent people. People who want to come out of a movie thinking about what they just saw. People who want to see an incredibly well made film. And anyone who ever liked Ben Affleck even for half a second. He should be very proud of this movie. As far as content there are loads of curse words, some drug use, but no nudity that I can remember, and there is some gun violence, but nothing too bad. Put it high on your movie going list.
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