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Colter Stevens, an Army helicopter pilot in the U.S., which last flew in Afghanistan memory built in the suburban trains. But he discovered, it assumes the identity of another man. 8 minutes later the train exploded and Stevens is a kind of sheath. He spoke with a man named Goodwin, who told him to go back and find out who killed him. Returned by the whole and trying to figure out who the murderer is, but no. The bomb exploded and Stevens found himself on the shelf. He was sent back another time, but you can still find anything. When he returned, he asked what had happened. Goodwin and Rutledge, a scientist who, they say he is part of a project that everyone is asked to reflect on others in the last eight minutes of his life. Stevens asked why not let the pump. He was told that ...

The source code is the second feature film British director Duncan Jones (son of David Bowie). Duncan has twice the audience that his story can be told with courage, without too much unnecessary CGI explosions by the discovery of an idea and the impact that wearing this is what the basis is shown for each story.
Jake Gyllenhaal is Colter Stevens, a helicopter pilot, or at least believes that it is. After waking up on a train from Chicago to know your surroundings and Christina (Michelle Monaghan), a woman so much talk to him, Colter discovered that not everything is what it seems. After serving as Sean and deep insight into the bathroom mirror known Colter learns that his appearance and character is not what you know.
Awakening, as his true self with this Colter Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) is a scientist speaks of an unknown organization. After a series of techniques for recovering the memory, you are informed that the S-Bahn, which previously was a terrorist attack, which is just the beginning of the catastrophic attacks follow destroyed. Colter has shown that the brains of the victim's memory of the last eight minutes for the explosion, and then enter the minutes, the terrorists to detect and prevent a major attack in Chicago.
A computer program that advanced Colter of the mysterious organization for the last 8 minutes and discover the terrorists before it's too late as possible. The experience of déjà vu in each re-entry aboard the train can Colter I remember all the memories of past visits, but Christina and the other passengers in the first go.
Our hero begins to take care of Christina doing, represented as much as a man with any number of characters, Michelle Monaghan in recent times would. Colter the ability to voluntarily within eight minutes the idea that could result in a positive change for themselves, passengers, scientists, and especially the love interest.
The brains behind the operation, Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright) is desperate for success, no matter what life on the streets, reflecting costs Colter compromise. In a race to save Chicago from certain doom for the selfless courage Colter.
The characters are well doubt about the satisfaction of the vote, especially Vera Farmiga, but not the love interest is the heart of the observer gain. Photography Thurs Burgess is a large and steady camera work makes leadership all the scenes believable, despite knowing of the absurd story, but that makes science fiction so much fun. Maybe the sound quality of the movie was, was not taken by Chris Bacon even the score a notch in the work of Clint Mansell Jones with his previous film.
Or a mark by the Director or a tribute to his earlier film "Moon", Jones has a subtle hint that the fans will notice easily, if not the first time in half track.
Sci-fi shows steadily in recent years that sex is not dying, take Inception Christopher Nolan acknowledged masterpiece of modernism, or feelings Independent District 9 and the moon, for example, when the viewer recognizes as the source of a science fiction thriller be taken in a visually pleasing experience, though. Rating 4/5.
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