Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

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Supernatural adventures of private investigator Dylan Dog, looking for a monster from the swamps of Louisiana in the T-shirt signature red vest, black jeans and pants.

The night died stars Brandon Routh, who looks exactly Dylan Dog by the way, if an ordinary researcher nightmare. Absent in this film is a favorite Groucho character, although more than a few references to characters appear, but Sam Huntington has more than fill the void, as the funny friend Mark.
Apart from a few curiosities rather esoteric, it's all there. Although the film is rated PG-13, he leaned against the edge faster than the PG13, that's a good thing. The film follows Dylan Dog to Do in signature black jacket, red shirt and blue jeans as he is with vampires, zombies and other members of the undead have. I have some argue that the overall quality of the manure to read, but I found it actually pretty good. Let's face it, it's Kevin Munroe Zack Snyder or James Cameron, but he does a good job, especially taking into account budgetary constraints, as this more than feel like an indie comedy have not been a blockbuster.
Overall I give the movie a solid 7 / 10, because it is good the price of the theater and pleasure worth hell. Maybe not quite as horrible as some people, but hey, it works. I can see again, but if not, I would take the DVD and I would be very safe, the wait continued.
The only thing I really complain about the pace and cut of the film. Editing a little sloppy, and although Brandon Routh better capture the whole essence of Dylan Dog, a number of properties of the characters is lost in the shuffle. This movie is more like the origin story without Fel origin of a stand-alone mode. This film has little in common with his kind, Della Morte Dellamore predecessor, but there's plenty to enjoy myself.
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